3X zebra pocket capri

3X zebra pocket capri

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See size chart

Item as pictured & described on whiteboard. Some items are with pockets, some without, it will say on the whiteboard if they have pockets.

This is product from before I re-branded. I've removed all outside branding of my old business name and will try to cover up the inside branding if possible. Keep in mind that my fabrics and way of construction may have changed a little bit since these were made, sizing should be the same though other than the rise on my L & up sizes.
All black fabrics are compression fabrics, smooth or slick (nylon is noted in images).

All items are made to order. If you need to larger hip and smaller waist, that is not a problem, just leave notes in the comments when ordering.
I do offer larger sizes as well, feel free to contact me with your measurements and I will make sure to get something that works for you.
If you want to help with updating my sizing, you can fill out the form here: Product Development